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Default insurance

I have my collection basically on my walls in display cabinets in my office. I have a house alarm system and thought that would be good enough. I travel a lot and always set the alarm when I leave, problem is have some older kids living at home and they never remember to set the alarm.... ugh.

two summers ago my wife tried to cook and burned the whole kitchen down! Luckily I was home and found the 20 year old fire extinguisher (thankfully it worked, took the volunteer fire dept 30 minutes to get to us!). The fire was contained to the kitchen! owned a home for 25 years and never thought that would ever happen to us!

that was scary enough but then I had several work crews in and out of the house over the course of the rebuild. had several workers take an interest in the displays which was nice but also a bit disconcerting.

I work in the insurance industry so was STUPID of me not to have coverage on the collection and the wife kept telling me I better do something about no coverage on the cards.... I was at the National last summer and collectible insurance co was there...

I signed up on the spot, it was so easy to register and get signed up, was fully insured before I left the National and slept much easier knowing I had full replacement coverage. cost was so reasonable for a large amount of coverage!

hope this helps!

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