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Originally Posted by steve B View Post
That's a really interesting mark, At first I thought it was a poorly erased bit of Sweet Caporal back, but it doesn't match up all that well.

The really common backs I believe were done in multiple identifiable press runs. That would skew the numbers to make it look like a larger sheet.
But different sheet layouts certainly are possible and in some cases likely.

I agree that there were multiple press runs Steve but I think when
you look at the numbers there are other factors involved.

We know from the plate scratches there are sheets that had a minimum
of 10,11, and 12 verticals of the same subject the flaws that are found
on the piedmonts range in the 1 in 12-20 up to 1 in 40-50 yet a flaw
that's found on a non Piedmont or Sweet Caporal is usually in the 25%-
50% range. I don't even know if it's possible but the numbers point to
some mixed back sheets making the most sense to me.

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