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Default Worch Cigar project

I've decided to undertake research on this obscure and intriguing set from the 1930s. Hopefully I'll discover enough to produce a decent article for Old Cardboard, assuming Lyman is interested. I've already figured out some stuff about the dating -- clearly they were not all issued in 1933 as often assumed.

I've now looked at most of the previous posts that mention Worches so I know some of you (Jeff, Todd, Greg, this means U) have a decent number of them. Many others have only one or a few, but any and all info is still helpful, so please check in with whatever you have.

My first goal is to verify the existence (and get scans) of as many as possible cards from the checklist. So I would be really grateful if anyone and everyone could tell me which players you own (Majors and A.A.). Scans are always welcome, but that step can be left until later if you don't already have them scanned.

Any other info you have about the set I would love to hear about as well.

Thanks in advance!


Here are a few of my faves:

worch 1.jpg
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