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Originally Posted by cmoore330 View Post
I'm waiting patiently for someone to show off a collection of Gridiron Greats blotters...
Well, I don't have THE collection but this might do for now.

Ink blotting paper was used to blot off excess ink from documents being written with a fountain pen. A blotting paper sheet typically had absorbent material on one side and advertisements on the other. Ink blotting paper was attached to a device called an Ink Blotter that would allow the author to rock the blotting paper over a document to blot off the excess ink. For whatever reason, ink blotting paper is often called an Ink Blotter as well which can be confusing.

Many football Ink Blotters (actually ink blotter paper) exist but around 1937, a set of 12 ink blotters of famous football players was produced. They can be found with and without advertisements on them and in three different sizes: small, medium, large plus on a calendar. Here are a few I have with and without advertising on them.

Red Grange

Tom Shevlin

Walter Eckersall

Here are a couple of other ones from the 1950s

25 Year All-American Team

Bronko Nagurski


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