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Default Part 2

So. Up next are the programs from both games Robert attended with his father. No tickets as they probably weren't issued them as VIPs. Inside the scorecards are the newspaper articles about each of the games and the second one has an article from his hometown newspaper, I think, about his experience.

And now the BEST of it all...These are scrapbook pages from his album with multiple full 8x10s original photos depicting his experience.

First up is a radio party in his hometown announcing his contest win.

Next up is a photo of Ruth and Robert probably from the dinner with Ruth at the Waldorf on Aug 3.

Robert with Ruth and Gerhig with Babe giving him some batting pointers. It was used for the newspaper article.

Next is him on rooftop of Penn hotel in Manhattan.

Article and write of event.

Another original copy of the group photo that I showed at the top.

All the kids and their families on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

I am soooo psyched to get this all together. A time capsule flash back to a more simple and innocent time. Really cool.
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