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Default Update

I have completed a 61 Post Cereal Baseball Master Set, in 62 I need 18 cards to complete and in 63 I need 28 cards to complete my master sets. I have a 62 Canadian Baseball set and I am 39 cards short of a complete set.

For football, I am working on a master set of 62 US. I need 5 cards for my set and a lot for a master set. I have a 62 Canadian football set and need 13 cards to complete the plus 8 cards for a master set. I have a complete 63 Canadian football set and am working on the master set, 20 cards to complete.

As for the Jell-O sets, I know what you are saying about the 62 set. I currently have 117 of the cards. For my 63 Jell-O set I need 27 cards.

I have all of the newer Post sets for the 90's and have almost a complete run of the Canadian Jell-O cards from 81 through 2000 including intact boxes of Jell-o and Cereal.
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