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Not a card or paper item but thought some soccer fans might like to see my most recent purchase.

It is an Irish Cup Winnerís Medal from 1882.

The Irish Football Association was founded in 1880. It is the fourth oldest national football association in the world. Its national cup competition was first played in 1881.

The significance of this medal relates to its age - it was awarded to one of the Queens Island players who won the Cup in 1882, defeating Cliftonville in the final. It was only the second year of the cup's existence. I assume some medals of the 1881 final may still exist but there cannot be many older Irish Football Association medals than this one.

Queens Island were a team formed of Scottish workers in the shipyards (where Belfast manufactured the ill-fated Titanic that sunk 3 decades later) and exited football in the same decade, albeit another team of the same name had success in the 1920s.

It is 15ct gold which is a soft quality of metal, accounting for its somewhat worn appearance. It is also significant insofar as it shows an early example of IRish Football Association insignia - which, broadly, has remained constant over almost 140 years. I, for one, love the Celtic Cross design.


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