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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
Cut-out card issues have a long history. Heck, the first two Ali cards are cut from publications (1960 Hemmets and 1962 Rekord). If you have any I'd like to see them.

JWB and Gong have knocked quite a few off my HOF list, not to mention the Pac-Man and B-Hop RCs. They are pretty nice cards.

These are 1981 RCs from Japan's Gong Magazine, stickers actually:

And a 1982 Gong Salvador Sanchez issued a few months before his death:

With this thread in mind I went and picked up the Salvador Sanchez Gong card. Seller in Japan mentioned it was issued in May 1982. Not that it matters much, but wonder if this pre-dates the Panini issue of the same year at all.
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