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Default 1952 Bowman Large

Brian Wentz years ago had a major find of 1952 Bowman football cards. He helped Randy Stuckemeyer build his #1 SGC set. I think he had as many as 15 sets/near sets he built from the find. They were all in SGC holders. He could never find a nice #54 or #144 from what I remembered. It's too bad his set is no longer posted. He eventually found an SGC 92 Lansford. So, based on that find, you would think Randy would have been able to pull better the an SGC 80 Lansford. I think he ended up paying 27k for his SGC 92. Randy was probably the most condition conscious collector I had ever met. He found the SGC 96 Nagurski that was later crossed to the PSA 9.

Paul Kaufman had the #1 1952 Bowman large set on the PSA registry for 15 years. The only cards he couldn't find PSA 8 or better were #1Van Brocklin, #9 Spencer, and #45 Van Buren. There is an excellent article on the psa web site that greg bussineau wrote that shows the sheet positions and describes why the 52 Large SPs and SP+1 are so difficult.

Both are pretty good data points for the rarity of the SPs and the Lansford.

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