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Football Fans are much different then Baseball fans, and I think that has a lot to do with less collectors. Baseball Fans are usually stat people (that is what draws them to the sport) while Football fans 'are at the' moment people.

Football fans could really care less about the history of the game (most fans only count Superbowl Championships and don't even recognize the Pre-Merger era other then Lombardi, Jim Brown and Johnny Unitas). Most fans could care less that every QB throws for 5,000 yards now because of the change in rules, where Dan Marino was the ONLY QB to do that in the first 75 years of the league. No records are really sacred to them.

Baseball fans gravitate to records such as 20 game winners, .300 hitters, and 40+ Homerun power guys, so it makes collecting cards more interesting. I can't tell you how many times I checked out the back of a Baseball Card for a players lifetime stats, whereas there are no stats on the back of an Offensive Lineman to look at it.

Even though I am a diehard NFL and MLB fan, I believe MLB fans are better fans of their respective sport. It's easy being an NFL fan, as you need to set aside 16 Sunday's and maybe a few Monday/Thursday's on your schedule, so it's not really time consuming. Baseball is a sport you have to keep up with from April to October (Following pennant races is a big appeal), and that obsessiveness is a cause/effect of more Baseball card collectors then Football.

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