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Originally Posted by 1952boyntoncollector View Post
Still dont understand why anyone would want to believe the reason anyone gives for selling a card. What does it matter and who cares if they are lying about their reasons. As long as the card is real and in the condition as presented does any of rest matter if true or not.

Sellers say need to sell cards to pay taxes or pay for medication yet the cards listed forever. Who cares the reasons, if you would pay $400 for the card but wont now for his lies then the card really isnt worth $400 to you. If its worth $400 then pay it....if you want to feel better i guess make up a reason why you have to buy it....say..ok ill pay the $400.....and after you get the card say thanks cause i have a buyer for it for $600...does that make you feel better.
I don't care about his reason for selling and I didn't ask. If my offer was not enough, then he should have just said so instead of making up a story. There has to be a certain trust from buyer to seller, if he would lie about that, maybe he's dishonest enough to lie about shipping my item or maybe he will stick a rock in a box to get a delivery confirmation. I would have paid by regular PayPal but I'd rather not have to fight to get my money back from a seller who's proven to lbe dishonest.
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