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Originally Posted by irv View Post
After asking far too many times, I was rudely told by a member here to do my own homework so that is what I set out to do. (He was right, btw)

After looking at listing after listing here, on ebay and various A/H's, etc, I thought I had a pretty good handle on things, but after slowing down in my research I started noticing things a little more differently.

It was during that time that I starting seeing things more clearly, more carefully and realized what I thought I had learned was all for not.

I learned how to grade 25-30 years ago. I know what the standards were then, and what I would judge this card to be based on how I learned to grade and then how my opinions evolved with experience since that time. Iím not asking because I donít know. I was asking because I was curious to see how otherís opinions and understandings of the same lined-up. Grading is almost a sub-hobby of mine. I just think itís interesting to see how itís evolved, and the discrepancies that can still exist today. One manís 4 corners are sometimes another manís 6. There is a subjective element to it which will likely never go away completely.

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