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Default Very cool perspective from across the pond

Originally Posted by Ulidia View Post
I donít know about his cards but, in terms of English players, Moore would be as iconic as any forward. For example, Geoff Hurst scored the famous hat trick as England defeated West Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final but Moore is still viewed as the legend of that team and the image of him wiping his hands clean using his shirt before he shook hands with the Queen just before lifting the Jukes Rimet trophy is legendary.

Certainly, in terms of match worn items and autographs, Moore would be very collectible - albeit his autograph tends to be more rare simply because he died in 1993 which is much earlier than most players of his era.

Great to see George Best pictured in this thread. A legend across the island of Ireland. Today, at Windsor Park (the Northern Ireland National Stadium), a bronze statue of Best was unveiled. Had he been alive, today would have been his 73rd birthday:
I remember hearing somewhere a quote along these lines: "Pele was Great, but George was the Best"...

Cute play on words, but to consider him at that level certainly means something. I included what I believe to be the BEST George Best card and Bobby Moore card on my "Top 20 or so non-Pele" post 1950 thread.
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