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Originally Posted by AFLfan View Post
About 98% of my collection consists of signed cards from the 1960s AFL. I've been working in this area for nearly 20 years now. My signed regular issue sets are within sight of being complete. Though it means having two, three, sometimes four of the same signed card, I've also put together signed collections for the AFL All-Time First and Second Teams, 20 men who played all 10 AFL seasons, lots of cards with unique inscriptions, and player collections for Lance Alworth, John Hadl, Gino Cappelletti, Speedy Duncan, Clem Daniels, and several others.

I'm also slowly chipping away at signed 1961 Golden Tulips, 1969 Tresler Comets, 1968 Topps Test Teams (AFL only), 1968 Topps Stand Ups (AFL only), random 1969 Topps Four-in-Ones, etc.
I know there's some really tough individual signatures in your run, Todd, but one underappreciated project you are doing is that Four-in-Ones set. Getting four signatures on a single card has got to be a logistics nightmare! I'm sure you have some interesting stories about getting those signed successfully.

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