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Default 1989 Score

I've been taking a break from my usual collecting and for the fun of it, I've been putting together all the sets from the "junk wax" era - I had many of them back in the day, and I still think they're good, despite no monetary value to speak of. So I pick up a factory set of 1989 Score from my local shop's "sale" table for $5 (it's a set I didn't have way back when) and when I opened it up, I was surprised to see the contents collated alphabetically by players' last names. I can't for the life of me imagine why Score would have sorted them this way - it certainly doesn't correspond in any way to the printing or cutting process; I would imagine it had to take an extra step or two and given the small margins they were already working on makes little obvious sense.

One thing it does do is conveniently show that there were 9 players in the set named Davis (the most common last name). Anyone care to guess? And no cheating!
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