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Default Show Your Boxing/Wrestling Figurines, Statues, Models, Decanters,...

1965 Aurora Great Moments in Sport DEMPSEY vs FIRPO

Like many others, when I was a kid, I made a lot of models- planes, tanks, monsters and two Great Moments in Sports; Johnny Unitas and Jack Dempsey versus Luis Firpo. When I was just a little older, I blew them all up with firecrackers.

Last year, I thought those Great Moments would make nice display pieces. Too bad they were gone, but they were painted and glued like a 13 year old would. Found one on eBay for a good price because the box was open and faded from the sun. It appeared to have all the pieces. So, I took a chance.

I'm still not a great artist, but it was fun. I thought the colors needed to be spiced up a little. My original attempt followed the box and used black and white trunks. Instead of a white shirt on the referee, I went with a blue one similar to one issued by the Missouri Boxing Commision. There is supposed to be a sign on the right front of the ring. What a mess I made of painting it! Still a work in progress or maybe I'm done.
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