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Default Onward!

Per the rules, I can now follow myself up. Might as well travel just a little way and cross off another tough one.


Lived there in 1979/1980 until evacuated at the start of the civil war. My memories of it are actually quite nice, but when you're 7/8 you don't think of politics and religion, only other kids and fun things to do.

I remember spotty memories: The toy store that had GI Joe figures and the British equivalent of Matchbox cars (they were olive green military vehicles), the smell of orange in the air by the Mediterranean on AUB's campus. The Banyan trees. And the fact they have almost as many different words/types of yogurt as Eskimos have words for snow. I also remember Rin Tin Tin and Asterix the Gaul for some reason.

Anyway, Lebanon.

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