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Originally Posted by JoeDfan View Post
Picked this one up for dirt cheap, but have no idea what team it is from.
It doesn't match the UMaine colors, nor do I think it matches the Maine Guides (the minor league team back in the '80's).

I thought Little League or High School maybe, but the numbers are sewn on and not silk screened. Would schools pay for sewn on logos? I know my high school sure didn't back in the day.
Legion League or something maybe?
I also can't think of a High School team that would use a "Maine" logo.

I am guessing late '70's or '80's?
Anyone recognize it?

That tag dates to 1974-77, in 1973 and earlier, there was a red line between the instructions and the size. In 1978 The circled R was moved lower to the bottom of the N in Wilson.
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