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Originally Posted by bn2cardz View Post
You have a more faith in pitchers' ability to pin point each and every pitch than for Trout to keep his average around .300? Sounds to me like you don't need electronic umpires, but rather electronic pitchers to make this a sound argument.
Ah, but with Trout hitting a measly .213 in the entire upper one-third of the strike zone, the pitcher doesn't really have to pin point it. If he's got 92-95 mph, as more and more pitchers, relievers and starters alike do these days, all he has to do is put it above the belt and up. And more and more high strikes are being called, as the umps have learned or been instructed that pitchers have to have that pitch as a primary defense against the "launch angle," high strikeout, low average, good HR total guys. Having played on high-quality teams in multiple summer leagues through my teens and most recently in over 30 fast pitch hardball in my early to mid-40's (a league comprised of mostly good high school and college players, with 4 former professionasl and one former major-league player to boot when I played), I can tell you it is difficult in the extreme to upper-cut a good, high fastball.

Sincerely, best of luck to you if you decide to place big bucks on him,

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