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Originally Posted by sam majors View Post
Since this was the first time this situation arose, I feel the closest guess to both the Thompson and Muncrief cards should be declared winners.
" The winner will be the member who guesses closest to the highest ending priced card of the 3 auctions ending below." Post #23 was closest to the Muncrief card and Post #27 was closest to the Thompson card. Both cards were the highest ending price in the contest.
The tie breaker is ambiguous. I believe it was meant to decide who was the winner if two or more posts correctly guessed the same price for the same item. I doubt if anyone thought that two different cards could both end up being the highest priced cards in the auction.
Just my fifty seven dollars and seventy seven cents worth of "FUN DEBATE"
Other opinions? Sam Majors
P.S. I think that if Post #27 is also declared a winner, and I think I can speak for him, he should and would refuse to accept any winnings as this is just a "FUN DEBATE"
All fair and fun points, Sam. The only thing is that the intent of the game is to find "the winner" so in that line of thinking, the ambiguity was less important than declaring "the" winner (a singular winner).
Leon Luckey
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