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Just saw this thread for the first time. Back in the day I tried to get every mainstream Griffey card out there. Halfway through 1993 I gave up. I still collected many moving forward and picked up a few lots from time to time through the late 90ís just to expand but havenít gotten any new ones since probably around 2002 when I discovered eBay and vintage.

I still have all of them. I think itís somewhere between 400 to 500 different cards.

The last card shop in my town tried desperately to gain some new blood and asked if I could help organize for him. I went in a few times to help but to no avail he shut down a bit after that. He knew I liked Griffey so for payment he gave me a stack of cards he didnít think heíd sell. In looking through them there was one I couldnít ever find any info on. I know it was a variation card of a base set. From what I did gather they were fairly rare at the time. I need to go find it and post it here. Maybe some of you guys could help me out. Itís not a rush and I highly doubt I have some sort of ďholy grailĒ for Griffey collectors but it would be interesting at least to find out exactly what I have after all these years.

Anyway Iíll try and dig it out and get some photos up in a day or two.

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