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Originally Posted by Sladge34 View Post
Just a yankee fan, not into making $$$... my pops favorite player was Mantle and my favorite player was jeter... just curious if anyone has seen that combo, as far as devalue, highly doubt it..... this is what's wrong with autograph collecting these days, it's always about $$... sad for true Collectors's who never sell
I don't disagree about the fact that money sometimes gets in the way of collecting, but that is the reality. I have many multisigned items and I can confirm the reality of that situation. By and large multisigned items do not sell for nearly the amount you would expect for the groupings together. Of course there are variables. For example having all of the 500 homerun hitters on a ball would increase the total value, but having just Murray and Schmidt on a ball would be less valuable than separate single balls. Having Jeter and Mantle on a ball will likely sell for less than single signed balls of each, but it is your money and collection. If you wish to spend $1000 to add Jeter to a Mantle, go ahead and enjoy.

Edit: Additionally, this situation has been made worse by the prices Steiner charges. I see their stuff on eBay all the time for half of the original retail price. They create and artificially inflate the prices of items and no one ever seems to get their money back when they go to sell.
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