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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
That's so true. If you happened to be on their list great. If not you would never have heard of it. Same as when they sold the Harry Shaffer collection. I didn't hear of it until the last phase. When I saw the stuff I'd missed I threw up a little in my mouth.

Despite the hide the ball stuff I actually thought prices were pretty strong when it was possible to figure out WTF they were selling. Still, I cannot understand how an experienced auctioneer could throw 600 cards in a lot with no descriptions and fewer than half shown or offer an 800 pin lot with a pick up only restriction. It is like they just didn't care.

And of course the usual ridiculous shipping costs. Over $35 to send me a few postcards and a small memorabilia item. I could ship it twice for that.
Sounds like they only offer the "shipped in gold plated mailers" option.
$35?, that really sux.
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