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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
MEARS offered this lot yesterday:

Described this way:

Title: 1910-1920 circa J.J. Jeffries signed 3 x 5 card (JSA)
Description: Vintage card with excellent condition signature.

Absolutely false. The card is a mail reply card that Jeffries used to respond to fan mail. His signature is a pre-print, readily seen as such by anyone paying slight attention to the item, or with my book, where I cover these cards. I bought the lot, for the Sam Berger-Jim Jeffries PC (bottom row middle) and to a lesser extent the Jordan-Jeffries PC, but if I was in any way relying on the AH or JSA I'd be very, very pissed off when I received the lot, sent it in with the additional fees (because when you get an auction LOA all you are really getting is a discount price on a submission to the authenticator the AH contracts with, not an actual LOA), and then had JSA fail it as a pre-print.

I think it is time we consumers start throwing around our muscle when it comes to these asinine 'auction LOAs'. Let's boycott them by not bidding on any lot that relies on them.
Don't be so sure JSA will reject as a pre print. There is just as good odds you get a LOA from them. Probably not now since it was brought to light but if nothing had been said it's 50/50. All these places it is just a roll of the dice. This is IMHO, of course.

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