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Default I picked up some 56s, and I'm hooked ... where do I go now?

So I went to the LCS today to try and add a few more cards to my ungraded 1962T baseball set. I didn't. But what I did get were a couple of 1956 Topps football cards. I'm now hooked on vintage football.

Here's the vintage football I picked up today

I've now got a handful of 1960 Topps and these 2 from 1956. My question is, where do I find more? I know about eBay. But I'm looking to potentially trade my baseball extras for football cards.

This place is crazy about baseball. Is there a place like this for football? A place where you can trade, buy and sell because there's not much of that here. I've even tried over at SCF without much success. As I said, I know about eBay, but I'm trying to trade off some of my baseball extras (or even modern football cards) for vintage football.

Either way, I'm hooked on football now. I love baseball and the history of that sport. But I've been watching old NFL Films footage this afternoon. Reminds me of the day I sat with Sammy Baugh with him wearing a spit stained shirt and watched some NFL Films footage, talked football and even went outside and played catch with him.

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