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I hear what you're saying. Baseball set collecting is just so tough. I'm a sprinter. In other words, I like to finish quickly I don't want it to take 2-3 years to finish a set.

It took me a little over a year to finish my 1958 Topps set, and I thought that was too much. I wound up selling it, which I regret to this day. But because I had traded for most of them, I only had $500 into it. I sold it for $1,500 to help fund a trip to Disney World for my wife and I (the very first trip for either of us).

Football sets seem like they'd be easier to put together simply for the fact they're about 1/5 of the cards of the average baseball set. But I can't find anywhere to trade.

You say there's football people here, but I don't see them. There's very few football threads and hardly no buy/sell/trade threads. You said you picked up a few for a Philly set. Was that on here? In a trade? Or did you have to buy them? See, I have tons of cards (newer and vintage), and I'd like to trade them. I just can't find any site that flows to football.

This site is full of baseball traders, SCF and Blowout have hardly any traders at all and Beckett is basically non existent. I know guys collect vintage, I just can't find guys to trade with. If I could find somewhere that caters to football cards, I'd probably give up my football collection and trade/work on all of the football sets through the 50s-60s.

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I know the feeling! I have always been a baseball collector. However, about two years ago, I "discovered" vintage football cards. I have since completed 1965 Topps Tall Boy Football, 1966 Topps football, 1969 Topps football, and am now about 65 cards shy of completing 1965 Philadelphia.

What you will find is a ton of great nostalgic and attainable sets which include multiple HOFers, especially in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. Unlike the monster sized baseball sets of the 1960s, the football sets are comparatively small. This forum is full of very committed, knowledgeable, and passionate football collectors from whom I have learned a lot.

If I didn't like 1950s and 1960s baseball so much, I could almost just collect football. The thing I am having trouble with is balancing the two sports. As a set collector, I want it all and am having trouble balancing my wants. My football progress has been slim the last few months, but I did buy a few commons for my '65 Philly set last week. Have fun with it! It is a great side of the hobby!

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