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Originally Posted by wdwfan View Post
You say there's football people here, but I don't see them. There's very few football threads and hardly no buy/sell/trade threads. You said you picked up a few for a Philly set. Was that on here? In a trade? Or did you have to buy them? See, I have tons of cards (newer and vintage), and I'd like to trade them. I just can't find any site that flows to football.

This site is full of baseball traders, SCF and Blowout have hardly any traders at all and Beckett is basically non existent. I know guys collect vintage, I just can't find guys to trade with. If I could find somewhere that caters to football cards, I'd probably give up my football collection and trade/work on all of the football sets through the 50s-60s.
It pains me to say you are correct. Too many football lurkers on this site (and other sites) for my taste but you can't force people to post LOL. Would love to see each dedicated football collector here commit to starting one new thread each week or two. If everybody did that, this forum would be awesome.

Agree there isn't much active trading going on here either. I think there are several reasons for this that have nothing to do with the site. 1) the football collecting community is very small compared to baseball which means a lot less people to trade with, 2) since football sets are small and less expensive it seems like many more collectors are hoarders ... i.e. only acquire and hardly ever sell/trade. A football collectors doesn't necessarily have to sell / trade one thing to get something else they want. In baseball, particularly for the very expensive items, collectors are constantly selling something to acquire something else. Of course this isn't universal but I know a lot of football collectors that just never feel the need to sell anything.

A couple of trade ideas for you. Check out OBC Collectors there trade and/or send to each other cards they need to complete sets. Note that the typical grade for cards traded / sent to each other is VG or less but there are some exceptions. Calling Larry, calling Larry ...

Check out Lots more purchases than trades but a very active vintage football group that many use to purchase, sell, trade cards with others.

Hope this helps and you will stick around and help grow this forum!

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