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Default Beckett selling on ebay their graded cards, any issue?

Posted By: Bobby Binder

First of all I have never bashed BVG, I just think it is a serious conflict of interest for them to grade and sell cards at the same time. And if SGC or PSA did the same I would also call them out as well.

In regards to the problems with BVG at VCP in our price tracking we have starting checking closer all auction titles where the seller lists all the subgrades as to not make that mistake anymore. We are in the process of checking past records and correcting those errors and it is going to take some time.


After this post I went to check the 1986 Fleer basketball set and checked every BVG graded card for the first 25. This is a very popular BVG graded set and after looking at about 300 image I did not find a single error in the grades. I did however find that #8 Jordan Fleer sticker did get mixed in and corrected it.

If you can please from the VCP website there is a "Report a problem" button on the bottom right of every page. When you find one tell me so I can look into it further and work out some corrections.


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