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Default Looking back -Five most important acquisitions - 2008

Posted By: Bruce Dorskind

As 2008 draws to a close, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the year,
and particularly one's experiences in the hobby.
What were your five most important acquisitions during 2008? Please list
in order of importance.

Our five favorites this year were
1911 Bishop (E 100) Peckinpaugh SGC 80
1926 Domion Chocolates- Joe Breen PSA7
1936 Worldwide Gum Joe McCarthy SGC 84
1910 E 93- Hooks Wiltse PSA 7

Number 5 was not a card, but rather a full ticket to the third game of the 1958 World Series played at Yankee Stadium. Don Larsen shut out the Braves 4-0. It was our very first baseball game. A memory we will always treasure

Best wishes for a joyous holiday and a prosperous (it will be for some folks) 2009

Bruce Dorskind

America's Toughest Want List

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