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Default Say it ain't so, Luke

Originally Posted by Luke View Post
I love this set too. I really wish more people collected it because that adds to the fun of it for me. When I find a rare T206, I can share my excitement with dozens of friends who feel the same way about the set. When I find a rare T207, I have one friend who really loves them, and a handful that will humor me but don't like really care for them.
Not so many folks get jazzed about a find of a bunch of T207's with odd backs, eh Luke?! Now if it'd only been Napoleon, or Anon 3 Recruits!

Like you, I wish there were more to share things T207 with, but it seems the many posts here are met with, well, meh... There are a few aficionados about, but not nearly enough. Maybe that's changing and more folks are taking a closer look. That would be great ... well, my wallet might beg to differ, but the more folks interested, the better for all.

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