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Originally Posted by bender07 View Post
I actually don't like the post illness/late in life autograph since it's not how I want to remember these guys. I prefer autographs from their playing days, especially guys from the 30's to the 50's. There's just something cool about a kid (or adult) trying to obtain their heroes autograph not for resale or future cash value but for a connection with the ball player.

With all of that said, I never considered the coolness factor that these guys still try to sign for their fans regardless of their failing health (King Karl and Buck Leonard jump to mind). Great topic.
Another aspect to consider, mostly for the players who weren't big stars is that it often makes them happy too.

I saw a talk by a guy that made a documentary on 6day bicycle racers. Most of the guys were young in the 30's, when it was a big deal. The top riders made more than nearly every baseball player, and the very best made more than Ruth. But the sport took a huge hit from WWII and never really recovered. When he interviewed some of the guys they started cautiously, but even guys who said they'd only give him a few minutes ended up talking about the old days for hours. All of them were very happy to be remembered.
(Many of them hadn't even been asked about their career by family!)

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