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Originally Posted by mrreality68 View Post
Hello everyone

I tried looking on eBay and auction sites, PSA and google search but with over 40 cards of Joe Jackson I cannot find anything that ranks them in rarity and value

3 questions

1. How rare is the 1917 Boston Store Joe Jackson and what are they worth ie Grade 3, 5, 7
2. What are the Top 10 Joe Jackson Cards by value to collect
3 are his original photo’s any value
Assuming the same grade, here are Jackson’s Top 10 Cards by value. Note that the Texas Tommy issues are near impossible to find with only a few known to exist. The 1916 M101-4/M101-5 issues include some very scarce ad backs that might realize significant pricing premiums vs. the standard M101-4/M101-5 subjects. I have excluded the extremely rare 1917-‘20 M101-6 Felix Mendelsohn Jackson from the list for which I have only seen a single example.

1. 1910 T210 Old Mill
2. 1914 Boston Garter
3. 1914 Texas Tommy (Type 1 & 2) Extremely Rare
4. 1909 E90-1 American Caramel Rookie
5. 1914 Cracker Jack
6. 1920 Holsum Bread (his last card)
7. 1917 Boston Store/Collins McCarthy
8. 1915 Cracker Jack
9. 1916 M101-4/M101-5 Issues (Various Ad Backs)
10. 1919 W514 Strip Card

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