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Originally Posted by D. Bergin View Post
Oh well, Guy got me again 6 months later. This time on a different account since I've had him blocked on the above account since April. I've had about 5 non-payers in the last 6 months, and he's two of them.

Might as well out him to others, since he seems to be very persistent in his non-paying and vindictive with his feedback left.

The above account is his most active. his backup account he uses that I just got nailed on is "traderjay3".

Name on account is J@son D*v!n out of Chi-town.

Looking at his feedback left on both accounts is also pretty alarming.

Feedback received shows tons of activity with Probstein AND PWCC. Wonder how many times they've looked the other way on his bidding habits.

You might be able to beat him this time. You should call eBay and tell them that this was a previously blocked bidder and he used a different account to bid on your items. Good luck!

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