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Originally Posted by ALR-bishop View Post
I am just a buyer on eBay but do worry about the horror stories sellers tell about phsyco and dishonest buyers, because it seems to have reduced the number of good sellers on eBay, and hence reduced my buying options.

I do remember a day, before eBay changed it's approach, when sellers could use feedback as a weapon and threat, and there were sellers who abused that system as well. Not sure there is a happy medium but assume eBay had landed on it's current approach as being in it's best interest from a bottom line standpoint.

At least as a buyer I can be picky and research a seller some before bidding. I feel for sellers who have to deal with some of the dishonest and crazy buyers out there. It is why I do not sell even my duplicate stuff directly, it t all. I either sell it through a 3d party or give it away.

I will say, as much as I and others might complain when things go sideways. Most buyers on Ebay are really good. It's a very small percentage that actually cause problems.

What's the saying bad apple can ruin your day.
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