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I picked up a 1952 Bowman Small #48 G. Halas RC which completed my set. The card was an eBay pickup still enroute. This completes my Topps and Bowman sets 48-81.

Current projects include finding affordable cards to complete my 63 Fleer set I need only seven more will finish off my Fleer sets.
I pick up 48 and 49 Leaf cards when I see them and I have a wantlist, but I'm not really chasing them full throttle yet.
Also working on the 61 Nu Card set I like these because they are cheap
I look for the Topps inserts sets when I can find them cheap and I'm also working on the 62 Topps football bucks and 1968 Topps Stand-Ups too.

My newest project I picked up seven 48-52 exhibit cards and I've fallen hard for these and they are definitely on my radar.

When will this madness end?

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