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Originally Posted by Leon View Post
Every single player that kneels during the National Anthem should have been permanently banned immediately. Let them get a job where they have to use their intelligence.
Although, I used Leon's quote to start this off, this ain't directed at him. This for everyone's mind. hahah

The National Anthem shouldn't even be played at sporting events. The U.S. flag represents the death of millions of people at the expense of each of our hands. The anthem itself is about death and destruction.

The military pays the NFL to pump all that patriotic bullshit down the drones watching. Human drones, not the drones we as a country send to kill innocent families.

Blind patriotism is conditioned through television screens all over this country and it is disgusting...It is sickening...

If you still think wars are fought for freedom, think again...Oil, resources, drugs, power, and money. Those are the primary factors for war.

Do you think it is a coincidence that we are stuck in Afghanistan? Look how much opium is over there, now look at the opium epidemic throughout our country. Hmmm...

Look back on how the U.S. trained Bin Laden, now look how many times these radical groups have somehow got U.S. weapons. That seems to be a cycle...

We give a shitload of money to Israel and do you know what is really going on over there? Palestinian people aren't being treated very nicely. Look into how much natural gas is over in that region. Hmmm...

Damn, I didn't think I was going to piss you guys off till later tonight, when I posted a link to my new website that throws a nice shot at this forum. All in good fun of course. hahahahahahahhahah
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