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Originally Posted by D. Bergin View Post
BTW, here's the feedback left for my last non-paying bidder. It's been almost 3 weeks since he won his items. Anybody tell me they would have let them bid, if they knew his history ahead of time?

They were not for high dollar items, so I'm just going to eat the fees and hope he never pays. This is an example of the type of buyer Ebay is not concerned about.

Some very familiar looking sellers on his feedback left to. Probably several from this very site.

Even in his positive feedback, it's obvious he's nailing sellers on their DSR scores, or extorting them for partial refunds. Ebay doesn't consider him a problem, apparently.

....and apparently Ebay has corrupted the links on Feedback pages so you can't share them on other sites.

Just hover over the link and you should be able to see the Buyer ID within the code and look it up.
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