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Yes, there are at least three sets of those, Dave (good catch), but so damned HTF that I haven't got a good grasp on them yet.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali Small Numbers On Front: This is a potential whale of a set. It appears that the makers literally took every photo from Ali’s media day in Malaysia before the Bugner bout and made it into a color card, each about the size of a large commemorative postage stamp, with a red playing card back.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali Large Numbers On Front: This is a more interesting issue than the small numbers set and has brown playing card backs. It depicts not merely one media day with Ali but action scenes from various Ali fights. I have identified opponents Joe Bugner from their first fight in Las Vegas and George Foreman from the Zaire bout. I also think I spotted Ken Norton on one.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali No Numbers On Front: These cards closely resembles Japanese menko cards with playing card and lucky number backs printed in red. They are the most difficult to find among the three. As I do not read the language I cannot determine whether it is Chinese, Japanese or something else. Can anyone help:

Note that the plain Jack card back corresponds to the small blue circle from the media day set.

FWIW, there will be lots from all three issues that I know of in the LOTG boxing auction later this year.
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