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Mike Dugan
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I can honestly say that the internet brought back into collecting. In 1992 I was fed up with several aspects of the hobby. The net solved most of those problems.

I was at a point where it was getting tough to finish sets like my T206's and the SP's from the 1952 Bowman large. You just couldn't find them and when they were in a SCD ad by the time my issue arrived and I would call they were already sold.

Another factor was that I really didn't enjoy many of the folks on the dealer side of the hobby, it had evolved into a quick buck, sleazy element it seemed. Not much fun to be around.

When I discovered eBay the only limiting factor was how much disposable income was on hand. Things seem to have evolved back to a much kinder, gentlemanly hobby or maybe I am just lucky these days with the people I deal with?
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