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Originally Posted by clydepepper View Post
I have always been interested in the BWAA HOF voting in regards to Gil Hodges.

I won't take sides, with this thread, as to whether or not he should be a Hall-of-Famer.

Instead, I would like to shine a light on just how close he came...year after year...I cannot imagine how that must have felt.

Consider the following:

Hodges was on the ballot from 1969 through 1983.

That first year, he only received 24.1 %, but for the next 14 ballots, he was always between 40.7% and 63.4%- with 11 of those at least 50.0%.

In his 15 years on the ballot, he was the only candidate in the top ten in votes received to not eventually gain admittance 6 different times; In 8 other years, he was one of only 2 never to get in.

From 1970 through 1981, he was always in the top 5 in votes received; he was 4th six times and 3rd four times.
I doubt he knew about most of it because he died in the early 70s.
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