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Originally Posted by yanksfan09 View Post
Thanks Adam,

Great info! Do you have an image of the post fight one? Any idea of total number of cards in the set? Can't seem to find much info on them.

I'm thrilled to say I just met a local collector/ dealer today and did a deal for 2 more of these that I did not yet have!

Noticed another interesting thing. They are slightly different sizes, neither trimmed. The smaller one is on slightly darker/creamier card-stock and has a different PC back (KODAK AUSTRAL Stamp box). That's the #9 "Ready for a left hook". The smaller one also has a slightly smaller, more compact photo area inside the white border. This Kodak #9 is also the same image as image as the #11 I had with different caption.

The #5 "Ready to deliver left uppercut" I got is like the rest I already have on brighter card stock and the same size as others.

I'm assuming that likely all cards from the set were presumably issued with both PC backs. Seems like the KODAK ones originate from Australia, in promotion of the fight, while others from UK I believe? Ever seen any other PC backs?
Those are great postcard images. I wish the cards of him were as good!
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