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Originally Posted by frankbmd View Post
The reason to play the games is the uncertainty of the outcomes. The 1954 Cleveland Indians won 111 games with four starters who won 80.

No, the regular season is not predictive of post season results. It determines who plays, but not the results.

Ask the 1954 New York Giants who swept the Tribe with the help of their unexpected hero, Dusty Rhodes.
Of course, but people do bet on games based on prior performances.. Theres a reason there is a betting line. Nothing is certain but there are always situations where the odds are greater.

to me i wouldnt care how a teams #4 and #5 starter did the last 30 games going into the postseason...i would care more on the #1 and #2 starter did. yes there are other pitchers that may come up huge but i am just going by the odds... Back to the thread top ...there would no 'deal' to me for those losses. I wouldnt be asking whats the deal with the dodgers

If Ross Stripling starts this week and takes a loss, does that loss really matter. Would i be saying 'whats wrong with the dodgers?" Nothing would be wrong to me if all they lost were games started by back end guys....

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