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I think Yadier Molina will also get will Buster Posey.

Here's a general comparison of their stats, achievements and awards:

MAUER- 15y; 1858g (921 @ c); 6930abs; 2123h; 428dbs; 143hrs; 923rbi, .306/.388/.439; 33% CS; .995
MVP; 3-Time Batting Champ; 5-Time Silver Slugger; 3-Time Gold Glove; 6-Time All-Star

POSEY- 10y; 1144g (886 @ c); 4170abs; 1276h; 246dbs; 133hrs; 635rbi, .306/.375/.465; 33% CS; .993
ROY; MVP; 3-Time WS Champ; Batting Leader; Gold Glove; 6-Time All-Star; 4-Time Silver Slugger

MOLINA- 15y; 1876g (1836 @ c); 6551abs; 1850h; 355dbs; 146hrs; 859rbi; .282/.334/.406; 41% CS; .995
2-Time World Series Champ; 9-Time All-Star; 9-Time Gold Glove; Silver Slugger
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