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Originally Posted by KCRfan1 View Post
60% of Mauer's games were in the role of catcher, as were his games played.

I'm not going to compare Mauer to Pudge, as it's an unfair comparison. That's like comparing Jim Rice to Ted Williams or any other great of the game at the same position.

In terms of COMPS, Mauer has a strong case for consideration to the HALL.

To poke the bear a bit, Molina has a HORRIBLE JAWS comp to other catchers all-time. He ranks like 25th or so, and not even close in that category. Basic numbers he stacks up, but the components of the JAWS ranks him very low.
Where are you getting 60%?

Mauer appeared in 1,858 games.

In 921 of those games, he played catcher (921/1858 = 49.5%).

In 885 of those games, he started the game at catcher (885/1858 = 47.6%).
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