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Howdy, podnah. I don't know if this sort of Yaz would interest you, but you may wish to consider the fantasy card that former Sports Collectors Digest editor and publisher Bob Lemke crafted earlier this year. He made a fantasy 1961 Post Cereal Yaz.

If you're interested, I will say the scan he posted of it on Net54 postwar board was brilliant, and well worth the small amount of money you will pay for it. Bob offered the six different 1961 Post Cereal cards he did as a typical backside of box sheet of 6, with Yaz, Frank Howard, Sandy Koufax, Jackie Jenson, and Jim Kaat. I forget the sixth player, but he puts a lot of thought and tender loving care into each of his creations.

With a Bob Lemke fantasy card, it's not about how much they're going to appreciate in value; rather, it's about how much you are going to appreciate the card, and being entertained and enraptured by its beauty with owning one in your collection for just a few bucks.

Perhaps someone on here can help you find the thread from earlier this past spring, and help you locate Mr. Lemke. That is, of course, if a fantasy card of Yaz would push your "gotta have it" button. If not, no big deal.

Kind regards, Brian Powell

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