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Originally Posted by Scott Garner View Post
I'm pretty excited to have just added this 8" x 10" original photo of Dr. John Lee Richmond who tossed baseball's 1st professional Perfect Game for the Worcester Worcesters in 1879. Richmond is seated at the bottom right corner of the photo. This photo was taken on June 14th, 1910 at the 30 year class reunion of the Brown University (Providence, RI) Class of 1880.

While attending Brown, Richmond was the school's Class President and played both baseball and football.

Richmond is also credited with possibly being the 1st professional left handed pitcher.
Lee Richmond was not big in stature (146 lbs.) and as a pitcher relied on deception as his weapon of choice, mastering a variety of different curve balls delivered from the left side.

After leaving Brown University, Lee Richmond became a physician for a few years before moving to Toledo, OH where he taught Greek, Advanced Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry at Scott High School.
Another interesting fact is that at one point, Dr Lee Richmond taught the son of HOF'er Addie Joss who also is credited with hurling the 4th Perfect Game in ML history.
That's pretty awesome Scott! Congrats on your recent pick ups! Very impressive!
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