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Originally Posted by jb217676 View Post
Thanks for the comments guys! Another cool thing about the photo is the texture. It feels a little bit like very fine sand paper or pebbly if you know what I mean.
You're right, JB. The photos have a textured feel to them. Also, the stock is thin, but not opaque under the right conditions. The right condition would be a hefty PSA holder. That's why I dearly wish it would shoehorn into their T-3 holder. Perhaps their holder used for the 1967 Coca-Cola premiums would work, but memory escapes me what its dimensions are. The Bruins team issue photos might require the Mylar bag.

My strong feeling for the hefty PSA holder is that it creates massive protection, and the illusion it's a thicker card. The same holds true for the 1914-15 Cracker Jack baseball, which are extremely thin. Ditto the 1954 Wilson Franks.

Again, thanks for sharing, JB!

As an aside, I really admire the photo of Derek Sanderson, "the center of attention", whose contribution to the Big Bad Bruins was immense. The show was on when he and Ed Westfall took the ice to kill one of the many penalties their teammates incurred.

---Brian Powell

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