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Originally Posted by mrmopar View Post
I remember Ho Ho's as a kid in the Pacific NW. Also remember Zingers, Suzy Q's, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cup Cakes and Snoballs. Were all of those Hostess offerings? I was a sugar addict, I know that. Favorite candy bar was the Marathon Bar!!!

As for the issues with cards, I only remember getting a few 78 and 79 and probably all from larger boxes. I started collecting cards in 1978, so missed a good portion of the Hostess issues when they were current.
I don't think Zingers was a hostess product their version was called tiger tails.
The best hostess product was their pies blackberry,lemon and the seasonal peach were my favorites. Unfortunately at the end they were horrible with very little filling but back in the 70's OH I can taste them now. Rick

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