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Originally Posted by ALR-bishop View Post
Here is my list based on my experience. Anyone have additions or different order

1 Topps 1980 Coins
2 Topps 1982 Blackless
3 Topps 1985 Minis ( harder in blank back)
4 Topps 1984 Encased or Head in Box
5 Topps 1988 Cloth
6 Topps 1989 Yankee/Mets Double Headers... or the related proofs ( not the regular 89 issue)
7 Topps 1989 Batting Leaders
8 Topps Heads Up ( Big Head Suckers)
While I have essentially cut off my collecting of Topps type cards at 1980, I have saved examples of their baseball issues from 1981 through the early 90's and also have bought the occasional test issue type after that, although I don't even have a list together of what I have. I admit I can get glazed and confused when all the post 1994 issues get discussed due to chase cards, Stadium Club, refractors and parallels and the like but I do try to follow anything that is considered a true test issue from Topps up until the sale to Eisner & Co. I'm more and more of the opinion that these listings should be divided between issued and unissued when having these discussions, realizing it's not always possible to tell! 1982 blackless and 1984 encased would be variations in a set to my mind, not standalones. Not nit-picking here (and Al knows I love him!) just trying to get some information I may use someday.

So what's a top ten list of issued sets through 2007 in terms of difficulty? Or even issued and unissued as separate entities?

I know what some of the rare sets are but don't really have a way to compare them as I don't track them carefully. Eisner's company bought Topps in March 2007 and turned it into a totally different company IMO --not necessarily a bad thing given their success--so probably didn't really influence things until 2008 releases. Curious what your different takes are on this subject.

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