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Originally Posted by chlankf View Post
I'd have to dig out my team sets but I don't believe there was a set that year. It was a transition season as they changed to the Cubs the following season. I remember hearing that the team had been sold prior to or during the '81 season which could account for no issue.

Side note. I love the early Iowa Cubs team sets with the creepy ass Cubbie Bear mascot. I remember hugging him as a kid and was bummed out when the flood of '93 hit downtown DM and the stadium. This resulted in the loss of the mascot outfit. Flash forward to early 2000's and Cubbies head shows up on eBay. The guy who wore/was Cubbie was given the head when the rest was lost. I was and still am so emotionally attached to this one of a kind centerpiece in my collection.
Thanks chlankf. It certainly doesn't appear that there was an Iowa set in 1981--at least Beckett and Trading Card Database don't list anything, and nothing turns up in Google searches. But occasionally minor league cards will fly under the radar, so I was hoping you might be aware of something that the rest of us are not.
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